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 Wondering how much you won?
Listed below are direct links to the Prize Payout tables for each game:

Powerball with Power Play
Mega Millions with Megaplier
Super Cash
Badger 5
Pick 4
Pick 3
 How is the Annuity Prize and Cash Options different?
If you choose to take the cash option of a jackpot, that amount will be in today's dollars over a 25 period for Megabucks or a 30 year period for Powerball. The Annuity option however is the money invested today and grows to the advertised amount in 25 years for Megabucks and 30 years for Powerball.
 What happens to the lottery winnings that aren't claimed?
Lottery winnings that aren't claimed within the claim period is credited to the lottery property tax relief fund.
 If I win the lottery can I remain anonymous when I claim my prize?
No, the Wisconsin state releases the winner's name, hometown and prize amount as public records upon request. Other information such as future plans, or background information will be released only with the winner's consent.
 Will my winnings be taxed?
All Wisconsin winnings are subject to income tax. For prizes that are over $5,001 the lottery will withhold 25% for federal taxes. For amounts over $1,999 an additional 7.75% will be applied as state taxes.
 How long do I have until I must claim my lottery winnings?
For on-line games, a winner has 180 days from the drawing date to collect a cash prize and 180 days from the ending date for instant games.


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